Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Add, Delete, Change Players

To add Players:
Choose Add Player from the menu on the right. Type the First name, last Name and Number of the Player and Click Submit the mouse. you want to add a player named "Others" for part-time players who are not expected to be a major contributor to the teams stats. When a player is added, his/her name is added to the list in alphabetical order. Player names are automatically added to both Batting and Pitching stats. If a player has not yet recorded any stats, they will not be displayed in the stats list. (You can verify a player hads been added simply by clicking the Change Players link. Then click the browsers Back button to return to the previous page without making any changes.)

To Delete a Player:
Choose Delete Player from the menu on the right. Caution: This function deletes the player, and his/her cumulative stats, from the season totals. You will be prompted to select the Player to delete.

To change or Correct a Player name:
Choose Change Player from the menu. Edit the player data directly in the form boxes shown and click the "Change" button on the same row.

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