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Base-Stat League ManagerTM is designed for use by amateur baseball leagues that want a simple way to organize and track their league schedules and stats.

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Getting Started - Create a League

The process of setting up a league follows these steps:
  1. Create Your League including a username, league name and password
  2. Add Teams to your League
  3. Add Rosters to the teams
  4. Add Games to the schedule
The League Administrator has control over the entire league including all teams, rosters, and schedules.

Adding Teams

To add a new team to the league, all that is required is the Team name. Select Manage Teams - Create New Team from the menu and simply enter the team name.  The team is automatically added to the league.

Managing Rosters

Players can be added, deleted and changed.  Select Manage Teams - Manage Rosters and then select the appropriate option to add, change, delete.  When you delete a player, you also delete access to their stats.  Their stats, if any, will no longer be included in any team or league reports.  To change players, select the Change Players link.  The full roster for the team will be displayed.  Make changes one player at a time and click the Change button on the same row to save the changes for that player.  When you change a player's name or number, their existing batting or pitching stats are retained. 

Adding Games to the Schedule

Choose Manage Schedule from the menu then simply enter the game data in to the Add a Game form and click Save Game.  The teams in your league are automatically available in the Home and Away drop down selections.

Entering Game Sheets

To select a game sheet to enter, choose Manage Schedule from the menu then click on the Game Sheet link on the same row as the game you want to enter stats for.  Complete the form with stats for both teams, including the game score, then click Save Game.  Edits to game sheets can be made in the same way.  Select the Game Sheet and make adjustments.  When you click Save Game, the previous game data is replaced.

Viewing Reports

Stats reports, both batting and pitching, are public reports.  You do not need to be logged in to view the stats.  Begin at the League Manage home page and select a League, then select a report to view.

The batting report is sorted from highest batting average to lowest and includes a report of all players and a report of just the top 10 batters in the league.  The pitching reports include both the list all pitchers, sorted by lowest Earned Run Average, and a Top 10 Pitchers list.  Teams stats reports are also available with individual batting stats, individual pitching stats, and combined team totals.

Viewing Schedules

Schedules can be viewed by anyone, not just the league administrator.  You do not need to be logged in to view the stats.  Begin at the League Manage home page and select a League, then select the schedule to view.  The schedule is displayed in order by date, then start time of the games.


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